4X4 Post it Notes

Post it notes!

How It Works:

·         In pairs Pupils are given 16 post-it notes and asked to arrange into a 4x4 grid on the table in front of them.

·         Pupils then use text books, prior knowledge and class books to help them add one topic related key word to each post-it note.

·         Pupils then either add definitions to their own key words or swap with another pair and add definitions to their key words.

·         Pupils are then asked to rearrange their own grid so that posit notes beside each other link.

·         Pupils are then asked to rearrange their grid so that the post-it either side and above and below all link.

·         Pupils could then move round the class to see if they can make further links with another groups set of post-it notes.

·         Finally key word-links can then be used to complete an exam question or piece of writing.


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