Raffle Tickets!


A Raffle Book- £1 from a Poundshop!

How It Works:

As students enter the room they are greeted with a pot containing raffle tickets. Students take a raffle ticket and sit down. (They are reminded to keep hold of their ticket and to remember the number!)

During the lesson the teacher can then call out... anyone who is an 'odd' number stand up and move to the left of the room... or anyone who is an 'even' number move to the back of the room etc.


The way you use your numbers will depend on your subject... For example you can ask anyone 'whose number is below a Year (for Law/History) or anyone who knows how many Watts there are in...(Science) or anyone who has a Prime number (Maths) or is your number below the number of MPs in the House of Parliament (Citizenship) and so on...

You can also use the raffle tickets as a way of randomly selecting students to answer questions or get into groups.
With the matching numbers which are in another tub- you pick the numbers out...ask a question...get that student to take the tub, pull out the raffle ticket and pose the next question to that number...

Really fun way of using active learning to engage our students in a short snappy, minimal preparation manner!

You can of course offer a prize for the first ticket drawn out your tub! :)