Quiz Quiz Trade

Pieces of paper with a question on one side and the answer on the other

How It Works:
This is a Kagan cooperative learning structure.
Students are given a question.
They then have to pair up and ask the other student the question thay have on their paper. The other student answers and is then praised by the questioner. If necessary the questioner also corrects any errors in understanding.
When both questions have been asked, the pair swap questions, put their hands up to indicate they are ready to move on and then pair up with a new partner.

Use to introduce historical context to a topic
Or for a vocab/spelling test
Class a bit lively? Trade cards instead of partners.
Organise the students as an inside/outside circle. One circle rotates after a set time.

This link is to a Canadian QQT resource for a lesson to myth bust about sexual health: http://www.teachingsexualhealth.ca/media/Game/TSH%20Quiz%20Quiz%20Trade%20Card%20-%20BC%20STI%20and%20Healthy%20Relationships.pdf

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