How It Works:

I have designed a way to get the students focused/concentrating and learning a vital skill- time management.

Each activity I set in the class will be given a time scale in order for it to be completed- but all the objects that either display the time or count up/down are at different/wrong times.

Therefore the students have to decide on which item they will follow to manage their time and concentrate on the beginning and end time without being distracted by the other times.

Change the times, every time a new activity begins.


If you do not have all the timers etc why not set an online countdown  on your display board and start the timer from a number like 4mins 27 secs and then say you have 2 mins 25 secs to complete the task. Involves some numeracy into the lesson too.

For lower ability students give them a digital watch to use the stop watch on it themselves.