Teaching Sequence for Writing

Image from-  http://www.schools.nsw.edu.au/learning/7-12assessments/naplan/teachstrategies/yr2011/index.php?id=literacy/reading/lr_evld/lr_evld_s3a_11


Example of a text types- See here for ChesterHills really useful list. 

How It Works:

When teaching pupils how to write, there are 9 simple steps to follow to help support them. 

This is called "The Teaching Sequence for Writing".
  1. Establish clear aims- what is the type of writing you are aiming for
  2. Provide examples- provide examples of excellence
  3. Explore the features of the text- Click here for a useful activity. 
  4. Define conventions
  5. Demonstrate how it is written- provide some scaffolding
  6. Compose together- modelling
  7. Independent writing
  8. Draw out key learning and provide DIRT time. 

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