Perceptions- Points of View

Whilst watching a film or video clip students are designated specific roles to watch the video from that person(s)/group(s) point of view or perception.

A DVD/Youtube clip etc.

How It Works:
For example:
Whilst watching a BBC Panaroma Clip about the London Riots. Students are seperated in different groups of individuals. (These are based on their expected end of Year targets.)

Students must decide on the characteristics of the groups before the video begins.
E.G- Criminal- middle aged, jailed for 2 yrs, single.

Students have to then feedback to the class when the video is stopped at pivotal moments, but only using the perception of the individual/group they are representing.

Students should be able to realise there are different viewpoints on the same issues.

Questions to use could include;
'What do you feel about ________ as a (member of public/journalist/criminal/police officer.)'
'What would be the main problem against your group in this situation?'


Teachers can ask students to work in groups of 4 and designate a role to each member themselves.

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