Million Pound Drop


Questions with 4 possible answers - either on a powerpoint or written on the board

A3 paper per group (folded in to four sections then labelled 1 to 4)
Paper money or something that can act as money such as counters or pieces of card

How It Works:

Each question is presented on the board with four possible answers. The groups have to work together to select an answer and decide how much money they wish to risk on each answer. For example, students can place all of their money on one answer or share it out between the four options if they are unsure. They have up to one minute to select an answer. I would suggest having students place their hands in their air or on their laps to stop them from cheating!

After each question, the incorrect answers are called off and money on these options is collected in. Eventually the correct answer is left on the board and groups will have a different amount of money after each question. For groups that have incorrectly guessed and now have no money left, the group can have bonus challenges to win back set amounts of money.

At the end of the game, once all questions are covered, the group with the most money left over are the winners. They have demonstrated the most subject knowledge throughout the game.


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