Balloons, envelopes, selotape, permanent pen.

How It Works:

An envelope is placed somewhere, under desk/chairs. On teacher's command of go, students quickly look high and low to discover their envelope and rip it open. whilst mission impossible music is blaring out loud!

Inside they will find balloons with letters written on them. (Or a question rolled up and put inside the balloon!) Student's work as part of a team to solve the acronym/answer the question(s) by blowing up the balloons (popping them to get the question out?), which could be related to previous learning, lesson objectives etc. 

This leads nicely onto suitable Q&A. The group that can solve their acronym/answers the question first...WINS!


Differentiated words depending on the level of the group. Low able = smaller and simpler word (leads on to suitable closed ended questioning). More able = longer and more complex word (leads on to suitable open ended questioning).